Friday, 5 October 2012

Future Self

This week I've been reading an excellent book called 'Maximum Willpower' by Kelly McGonigal which is all about the science behind self-control. There are many simple tips and tricks which I've found particularly useful and one that's really got me thinking is the idea of getting to know our future self. According to the book, and I can see it in myself, more often that not we tend to see ourselves in the future in the same way we would see a stranger.

So I painted my future self. As the angel I usually think she is ;-)

Here's my process:

Day 1 - Spray 3 colours of ink randomly over the wet page then use a wet brush to mix them all together. I used aqua, brown & yellow Dylusions.
Day 2 - Spray some Glimmer Mist in orange over the page.
Day 3 - Sketch a very naive looking face, neck & wings. Eyes wide apart, tiny lips & nose. NOT me at all!
Day 4 - Paint the face in acrylics. HOW HARD is painting faces!? I did enjoy mixing the skin tones though.
Day 5 - Paint hair in gold acrylics and wings in silver acrylics. I learnt you need a lot more paint...
Day 6 - Add a title and some journalling using a Sakura Pigma Brush. Nice pen... not so nice writing style. This is a good place to practice.
Day 7 - I really didn't like my piece. It seemed one dimensional, flat, with nothing to say. So I got some baking paper (tracing paper-ish), stamped a butterfly theme randomly all over it and then cut it to size before sticking it on using tape across the top edge of the page.

Now I like it better but can still look at the stranger that is my future self.

I like how the baking paper has softened everything. I looks very mystical to me now which is kind of what I was trying to achieve.

I don't like the fact that I cannot paint faces. I guess I just need to practice that, perhaps with something more realistic before I try to find my own style. Watch this space!

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