Friday, 12 October 2012

At Work. Naked. And The Sketchbook Project

I've been busy this week. My 3 year old has started at the Montessori school nearby and I have needed to art to deal with the anxiety.

Here's my art journalling for the week. I saw the quote (which hasn't come up well in the photo) on the front of a book and laughed out loud. Journalling doesn't have to always be serious eh? It says,
Follow your dreams. Except for the one where you're at work. Naked.
Still makes me giggle!

I've started using watered down acrylics as well as watercolour. I like the semi opaque look it gives, especially for backgrounds. I also enjoyed building up the layers on the silhouette with acrylic washes too.

There are stamps, stencils with distress inks and lots of paint splodges.

I like the airy feel of the page, especially at the top.

I don't like those feet. I tried and tried and just couldn't get it right. Another thing to keep practicing.

This week I also received my sketchbook for 'The Sketchbook Project'. I'm so excited about this it's quite funny. In case you haven't heard of it, you get a sketchbook, fill it with art (but NO GLITTER!), send it by 13th of Jan 2013 & then it goes on tour round America with loads of other sketchbooks. Fabulous!

I chose the category 'Lists' (because I love lists) and am calling my book 'A Lexicon of Arbitrary Contrivances'. I'm filling it with random lists of stuff and am using the design seeds website for colour and prompt inspiration (I <3 that website SO much - it's so beautiful).

These are my first  two lists (I said I'd been busy!). There are 32 pages to fill and I want to get it done before December as I know I'll be busy with Christmas stuff then. I have to get cracking!

Thank you so much for stopping by.

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