Friday, 28 September 2012

The Endless Immensity of the Sea

I'm relatively new to art journalling and came to it through Zentangle and an urgent need for a creative outlet after closing down my cake decorating business.

I've worked on this A5 journal page in my moleskin watercolour book for over a week (using the 10 minutes a day recommendation on Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's fantastic blog) and it didn't know where it was going to end until I drew the lighthouse this evening.

Here's my process:

Day 1 - Watercolour wash in aqua blues & green.
Day 2 - Stamp some leaf shapes using distressed ink.
Day 3 - Realise the leaves looked like seaweed so watercolour some big bits of seaweed down the page in greens & yellows.
Day 4 - Paste some strips of green florist's paper down the page.
Day 5 - Find the quote about the sea (by Antoine De Saint-Exupery who wrote The Little Prince), write it on the page and spray with Glimmer Ink in lime green & aqua.
Day 6 - Go over the whole page with gesso applied with a credit card.
Day 7 - Add strips of blue tissue horizontally and splodge acrylic paint across the tops.
Day 8 - Lighthouse! It sums up the sea's vastness for me.

I like the tiny blush of red/yellow on the left hand side of the page which is an accidental leak from a previous page and looks like the sun peeking through.

I don't like the fact I've lost my lovely seaweed paintings. Guess I'll have to do them again.


  1. This is lovely! There is a lot of depth in your colors. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful! Love reading how you started and finished your page. Your thought on that bit of red peeking out on the left made me smile :)

  3. Great page! I love how the blue strips across the page seem to go from sea to clouds about halfway up - was that deliberate or serendipitous?

    1. Totally serendipitous! It only looked like that to me once I'd added that lighthouse.


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